Practicing Agreement

After several days of really challenging practices with my daughter, I decided to apply some Positive Discipline techniques. This afternoon she and I discussed how we both wanted to structure her piano practices, and what we want to try in case of conflict. The basic ideas follow. We each contributed to this plan. I am sure it will be tweaked and re-worked, but I feel confident already that it will help. It will mean a lot less of my daughter feeling that I am driving everything. I will be able to back off and stop talking as much. Agreements are good. Execution is important. I am looking forward to this!

Pick a piece:

    Identify what to focus on during the run-through;
    Each of us picks something to work on;
    Another run through;
    Another piece;

Things to consider:

    Piece logistics (r/l hand; fingering; note direction; chords, etc.);

And in case of conflict, we made some communication guidelines:

    Take a deep breath and try again;
    Restate what the other person said;
    Leave the room to cool down briefly;
    Share a hug (if both people want to);
    Request a different piece or section or task.

And our incentives are:

    For practicing: a regular sticker;
    For using a regular voice: a special sticker each;
    For excellent focus: 10 cents / 30 minutes of practice

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