What the forced-birth movement produces: terrorism, pain, and death

15+ years ago I aborted an embryo. I do not regret the decision. The father-who-would-have-been had zero willingness to enter into that relationship, and it was the right choice for me. I sometimes grieve the loss of the POTENTIAL human life I let go at the sixth week of my pregnancy, but I do not regret that choice. I appreciated the support offered me by Planned Parenthood, throughout the entire process.

Very few women get an abortion close to the 20th week of pregnancy, and a tiny, tiny number get an abortion in the third trimester. I cannot say that no woman has ever casually aborted a super close-to-term fetus, but I think the percentage is enormously smaller than the percentage of people who make stupid or careless driving choices that cost other people their lives.

The harder it is to get an abortion, the further women have to travel, and the more restrictions placed on them, the more women are going to be pushed into later and later term abortions, at greater cost to them and their families and society at large. When abortion is free, easily available, and legal, there will be a lot less pain all around.

Parenthood has reaffirmed my pro-choice stance, and I hold it now with ferocity and passion.

There is no legitimate partial support of women’s civil right to control over their bodies. Either you support choice, or you support forced birth and the undercutting or removal of the civil rights of people with uteri in this country. Yes, if you support choice that means that inevitably some women will sometimes make choices you find challenging, disturbing, or emotionally difficult. I support the right of our government to have a military force, regardless of the fact that I find 99% of military conflict morally repugnant. I also don’t go around trying to kill people who have left the military out of a feeling or belief they may have done something I think is wrong.

The attacks of women’s clinics is nothing short of domestic terrorism. I will support candidates for political office who state this plainly, and who take on this issue boldly. I will no longer support candidates who do not.

Of course I understand that a lot of people have a lot of strong feelings on the topic. And it is not my intent to offend, but people are being killed by other people who believe that they have the right to take life, indiscriminately and with malevolence, and IT MUST STOP!




One thought on “What the forced-birth movement produces: terrorism, pain, and death

  1. Actually, I don’t think women have so much say in this. It’s your body but it’s someone else’s life.

    The baby has a high chance of being blind/death/schizophrenic/some terrible disease? You must abort it, regardless of how you feel. You would not make a person blind, so why force someone into existence without eyesight?

    Other than that, I’m all for abortions for being legal and no questions asked. Want an abortion? There you go. Father wants the baby but the woman doesn’t? Too bad for him. He doesn’t have to go through the pains of pregnancy.

    Childbirth is cruel and immoral in a society without euthanasia. I don’t understand why these pro-choice haven’t tackled the right to die. Forcing people into existence will stop being immoral when people could exit painlessly.

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