new friend, conversation, community, cousin time

This morning I had tea with someone I haven’t known for that long. She and I have a few life circumstances in common, and it was great to share histories, current events, thoughts/feelings. It’s lovely to develop a new friendship, to feel the happiness of a mutually appreciated connection and anticipate fun and interesting times to come.

This afternoon I went to pick Hazel up from school. Ted was home, and so I got to go over there by myself. I talked to a couple of the other parents of Hazel’s friends for a while, so got to have more interesting and enjoyable conversation, interspersed with the occasional bit of advice, direction, help, or comforting as required by the younger set. Gradually, over the course of the year I’ve met and started to get to know various of the kids’ parents in Hazel’s school. I really love hearing people’s stories, of where and how they grew up, where they’ve lived, what they’ve done that’s important to them, or difficult. I love sharing parenting stories, challenges. I love the sense of community. It’s lovely to feel that my community has expanded as Hazel’s has, more slowly, but gaining a sense of solidity as the year progresses, and we all get more familiar with each other.

After school Hazel went home with her friend D for a playdate. When I came to pick her up and take her to the park where her sisters and cousin were playing, she and D had constructed a slide down his stairs with his mattress and a ton of pillows, and were having all the fun possible. I love seeing how she gets different things with different friends. She and D play so well together. They have a good rapport, and are able to work out differences or conflicts when they arise with little to no adult help.

At dinner we were more or less successful in the kid & adult table distribution, though we ended up with both of the twins for the last third of our meal. Progress! Oh, and Joanna ate half her weight in chicken. Perhaps she’s about to grow another inch or five. It was fairly spectacular to see her plow all that food down. The twins are pretty little.

Bedtime was an experiment, as this is the first cousin sleepover here. It didn’t quite work out as planned, but we expected that. Nonetheless, I am feeling somewhat guilty, as my sister and Ted are each sleeping with a child, and here I am in the gigantic bed I was going to share with my sister by myself. Nonetheless, I am sure I will have some nighttime twin care to soothe my guilty conscience. If not, I’ll volunteer for morning duty so the two of them can sleep in. Hopefully the big girls won’t wake up at 5 am.

Here’s to friendship and conversation. They are two of the things that make my world go around.


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