It might be a cyst, and other stories

So, this morning it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard back from the Radiology Department. They’ll call if anything’s wrong, I thought. But maybe I’ll call this afternoon just to check, I thought.

This afternoon the Radiology Department called me. There was an area of “increased density” in my right breast. It might be a cyst. They wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. There was an appointment open an hour later, and I took it. There is a family history of breast cancer on my mom’s side, and it’s something I’m a bit paranoid about.

There commenced one fairly painful ultrasound exam, a second less painful ultrasound, and then another set of mammograms later. One of the less fun aspects of the whole experience was the way different people talked about different breasts (“It’s the right breast,” from one person, and “It’s the left breast” from another), and I started to wonder. In the middle of these proceedings there was a discussion about if the lumps (as they were being called) looked suspicious we’d either do a biopsy or wait six months to see what happened.

However, it turns out to have been nothing, just the intersection of two structural pieces of my breast. On both sides. Apparently this is a not uncommon occurrence on the occasion of a woman’s first mammogram, as there is no baseline yet.

Once it was over and I was safely in my own space (my car), I started to react. I was more scared than I had realized through the procedures.

I am deeply grateful that it was nothing. I am also deeply grateful for my community, and for my friend M who texted me all throughout, offering support & love and talked to me afterwards.

And thank goodness I didn’t have to wait through the weekend, but could get in and get it done and find out all in one short couple of hours.

Thank you, universe.


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