football, music, sleep

I am not a football fan, but today’s game did have certain indirect impacts on my life. My critique group met a bit earlier and ended earlier so that two of my friends could go watch the game. That’s all good. I was not feeling so hot today myself, so after I got home and after we got the twins down for the their nap after lunch, I went back to bed. Thus, I was napping when my friend R called for our weekly phone conversation. And that is the only reason that I knew anything about the game during the game; he, in the prison’s common room, could see it on the TV, and told me the score while we were talking. I find that highly amusing. After our conversation was over I went back to sleep, only coming down a bit before Ted and I were due to leave for our class. And thus I found out from our babysitter that the score had been reversed and the Seahawks had won in a dramatic, game-ending finish. Yay, go us! Our geographical region is awesome!

Ok, I’m laying it on a bit thick, I know. What can I say? I think competition is good, and learning both to win and to lose with grace is important. Sports have been shown to be important for both boys and girls, and I am not anti-sport. Nonetheless, I find the depth of involvement of fans in the outcome of a game to be fairly personally mystifying. And I find the amount of money involved in the major sports leagues to be depressing, given the sorts of terribly destructive decisions and attitudes that seem to prevail, including ignoring the abuse of animals, of women, the valorizing of violence, etc.

Speaking of kids and their education, I read this article today about the many and profound benefits of childhood musical instruction. Ted and I have just recently been discussing what our musical goals are for our kids, and have agreed that each of them will take music lessons through middle school, at which point they can quit if they want to (though I hope they won’t.) It’s nice to see a scientific rationale for my decision-making. 🙂

I read another article today, about how incredibly important sleep is. It scared me a bit, so I think I’ll sign off and hit the sack. Good wishes to all for a great week.


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