Yikes, it’s Christmas!

It’s 3:30 am. I got home from my gig (a late-evening-but-not-midnight mass) at 1 am.

Ted and I spent a good part of today rearranging furniture in order to go with the flow of how the house is being used, but to improve it. What this means is that the toy storage is now all in the living room instead of being split between the living room and the yellow room (which was principally the domain of the twins when they were very little). When I left for the gig all the big pieces had been moved and I’d gotten the main white toy chest filled up and organized, but there was a very substantial, multi-part, intimidating amount of stuff left on the floor in both rooms. While I was at my gig, therefore, Ted was continuing to arrange, put away, clean up.

The most personally exciting aspect of my gig was that during rehearsal, as I was leaning a bit forward on the rickety chair to look at something in the music, the aforesaid chair slipped out from under me and I wound up suddenly sitting on the floor, feeling quite surprised, but cello in hand and safe. My body produced a reasonably strong adrenal response, and I felt a bit twitchy for a while, but settled down fairly soon. I think I must have tensed without being aware of it, though, because my back and left arm were unaccountably sore and tight. Sleep will be good.

Of course, when I got home to a marvelously clean and organized house, Ted had only just started wrapping presents. We finished that up together at 3 or so. The kids are going to be awake in 3 hours.


Uncle C sent, among other things, stockings for each of the kids. We brought them upstairs with us, and are going to give them to the kids when they wake up in hopes of buying ourselves some time. And then, Ted’s going to suggest to Hazel that they make a sign to welcome my sister and niece to the house for Christmas. That ought to buy some more time. I hope. And then, well, I don’t usually drink coffee, but I might have to tomorrow.

This is progress. We have to keep reminding ourselves. Last year at this time (post-gig) we realized we hadn’t actually gotten the kids presents. We raided our belongings in the basement storage and found some good ones. This year, we remembered to get them gifts. Next year, perhaps we’ll remember earlier, and get them wrapped a day or two before. The year after that, maybe we’ll even get them wrapped during the daytime. Let’s not get too wild and crazy in our speculations, though.

I know, it sounds completely bizarre that we’d have forgotten gifts. What can I say? We’ve been so totally overloaded with three kids, with the should-be-straightforward-but-is-NOT task of pretending to be competent adults and parents, that sometimes major things slip through the cracks that gape to giant chasms at the most inconvenient of times.

Nonetheless, we have managed to clean up our previous disaster of a house, there are presents under the tree, and tomorrow we get to spend a good chunk of the day with G & B. If we’re really lucky it won’t rain, and we can (more easily) take the kids to the park at least once to run off the energy that’s going to pulsing through them like small but intense neutron stars.

I wish a lovely Christmas Day to all who celebrate it, and a refreshing nap to all who may need it as much as I will by midday tomorrow.


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