Concert-goer, outdoor clothes, daytime nap, cousin time

I went to a concert tonight! I didn’t play in it, but got to sit in the audience and listen. It was wonderful. It’s a new group, and some of the personnel are friends of mine. They’ve pulled together a fabulous set of repertoire, including the very wild Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 1.

Today we had my niece for most of the day. We hired one of our babysitters to come help out so that Ted and I could split the day between us and each of us have some time off. With my chunk, I went shopping. I’ve been doing that a bunch lately, which is extremely out of character. But now that I’m on the bike, I need different clothes. A light jacket and the 20-year-old shell I had been wearing weren’t going to cut it. So now I have boots so that my legs won’t get soaked. I also haven’t bought a proper winter jacket in decades, given that I live in the Pacific Northwest, and haven’t needed one. But of course, that is a car driver talking. When one doesn’t have the steel box to retreat to, one gets more in touch with what the weather really is. I also got a down vest to wear under my new raincoat. It is amazing; light and warm, super comfortable.

There was a big sale going on today, so the store was mobbed. I wound up sitting next to another woman who was looking at boots, and we talked for a while as our salesperson came in and out with things for us to try. From Korea originally, she grew up in the Midwest, as did I, and we had good conversations about weather and cultural differences, about jobs, about how our city is changing, about family. And then, after much trying of options, we ended up with the same boots, though in different sizes. She waited to see what boots I’d choose, and we went through the checkout line together. What a wonderful, amicable, random connection.

When I got back it was the start of naptime and quiet time. After I convinced Ms. B, my niece, to go into the room we’d put her in, I chatted to our babysitter until tiredness overwhelmed me, and I decided to go upstairs for a nap. As I arrived at the top of the stairs I discovered that Hazel was about to come down them, having decided that 5 minutes in her room with the twins was plenty. We had a bit of a discussion about that, and compromised on her sleeping in my room. That turned out to be a win-win, because otherwise I might have succumbed to temptation to get out my computer. But since Hazel was in bed with me, I put on my headphones, relaxed, and fell asleep. And I slept for 45 minutes to an hour, a respite which my body, mind, and heart all appreciated.

Once we were all up, I took the older girls to a play space, where they got very red in the face from running around and getting heated up. I gave them dinner there, dropped by the house to leave Hazel, and then took my niece home. My sister and I had a half hour to sit and talk (about school, teaching, what’s happening to the profession with Common Core and NCLB), and then I headed off to the concert.

A well-rounded day!


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