Madsen rainy introductory trip

Ted had the car today. So, after I dropped Hazel off at school, I tucked the twins into the Madsen along with precautionary rain gear, a diaper bag, and assorted sundries, and rode off to a toddler playroom. It wasn’t open for another half hour.

So I went and sat under a tree on the incredibly practical tail of my new red raincoat with the twins on my lap, and we watched the birds – seagulls, cormorants, ducks, pigeons, and others.

Then I read and played with the twins, and read some more. When we came out it was not just misting, but pouring down pretty enthusiastically. Our waterproof blanket was getting soaked around the edges. But no worries; I had dressed them in their rains suits, and off we went again, with nary a protest from either twin. Joanna fell asleep on the way home, but I’d left early enough that I was able to wake her up for lunch and then get her down for nap again afterwards (Emily was another, 75-minute matter).

It was great! I did get damp pants, and I want to get a pair of knee-high boots to help offset the wet. I also may wind up getting a rain skirt, but I want to shop around a bit for that. I think we’ll also want to put together a dry-bag of essentials to keep with the Madsen so we don’t have to depend on last-minute organization.

I enjoyed the exercise. I even enjoyed sitting under the drippy tree looking at nature with my twins. I enjoyed getting somewhere not by car. And I enjoyed being able to get there faster than I could walking (though what with getting the twins in and out of their outerwear, it did take a little while). I am looking forward to further biking.

This is personally revolutionary for me. I’ve felt so intimidated by the whole thing for so long. It really feels great to do something you thought you couldn’t.


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