Cooking, Whole30, Hazel’s piano and homework, sisters

The cooking tally tonight is as follows: roasted cauliflower, roasted baby turnips, baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, steamed kale, steamed broccoli, roasted acorn squash, boiled beets, and a roasted spaghetti squash. Earlier, Ted baked some chicken with our favorite paprika topping. We are getting back in the game.

We made an agreement last night that if either of us falls off the Whole30 wagon this month, both of us have to start over from Day 1. That adds a bit more weight to individual commitments to no sugar and no grains. And we’re both pretty good at being honest about it.

Our monthly house cleaner came today, so though the house is still a colossal mess, it is clean. That is very, very nice.

We are digging out, getting back on track.

Hazel furiously protested piano practice tonight (not sure if this is a stage, or what), but then wanted to do her homework with me. “Please, can we do more, pleeeeeeease, Mommy??!! I like homework!” hahahahahahahahahahaha. I don’t believe in homework in kindergarten (or in elementary school, for that matter), but Hazel’s job is to cook my goose, repeatedly and with fervor. I sat with her, and it was fun, as I tried to figure out what the Spanish directions said. And I did make her practice two measures with me before that, and managed to make it fun enough that it was a decent experience. Ah, parenting.

Earlier tonight Hazel sat in my lap; Joanna sat in hers; Emily sat in Joanna’s lap. Silly and sweet. I love how much those three love each other.


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