time bonanza, will-power, cello practice

It just so happened that all but the first of tonight’s students cancelled. So here I am with a chunk of time to myself, as Ted and the kids are at the store for the weekly grocery shop. What to do with the time off? Well, first I’m making pumpkin custard (currently baking in the oven), and then I’m going to practice. Well, first I’m writing a blog post. Obviously. Having read some about will power and the power of habits, though, I am going to try an experiment. Here I am on my computer. It would be oh-so-easy to still be browsing, typing, and reading away when the rest of my family gets home, and there would go my practice time.

So, instead of having a low-level, guilt-induced sub-rosa level of will-power rumbling away the whole time I’m on the computer, I have decided that at 7:05, in 15 minutes, I am going to close up the computer, grab my keys, and go downstairs to practice. That way, I only have to goose my metaphorical butt once, and I will enjoy what I’m doing more. And now that I’ve typed it into my blog, I have to do it, right? Thank you, blog audience, for helping me to stay honest.

Uh-oh, I’ve used up two more of my minutes. 🙂

I’ve finished fingering all but half of the last page of the Mozart Symphony we’re doing (No. 35, the “Haffner”), and I can get it done tonight, plus work on the rest of our repertoire for this concert.

Then the family will get home; there will be piano practice, bedtime for the kids, cooking, etc. I am glad for this window in which I can listen to music, make yummy treats, and anticipate more productive activity later on.


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