balancing relationship and family needs; meditation class, punctuality, rehearsal

Today Ted and I tried to combine family time with conversation between the two of us. I am not sure how successful we were. The conversation was so interrupted it became very long and drawn out, and thus the kids felt they weren’t getting enough attention, and interrupted us, ad infinitum. It’s an issue partly because I work in the evening and he works during the day, and there is often a miniscule amount of time when we have the opportunity for conversation of whatever nature. I think that what we might need to do is tell the kids, “Ok, we’re going into the other room. Here is the timer. We’re going to come back in 15 minutes, when the timer goes off.” And then talk fast and be as efficient as possible. And then stick to the timer so the kids know they can trust it and us.

We had a mediation class tonight that went considerably over, and from which I really didn’t feel it was possible to depart in any way that was respectful to the group. But I had a rehearsal after it, and we had to get back for our babysitter, so both Ted and I experienced a fair amount of stress in the latter part of the class, worrying that we weren’t going to make it back on time (we didn’t). Even at that moment, I was, on some level, internally amused by the contrast between the worry I was experiencing personally about being late for my rehearsal with the peace and centering that was being cultivated in the class. I was about 15 minutes late in the end, but am usually punctual, so in balance it’s fine. But ironically, I was late for our last rehearsal, too, because I had been left off an email regarding a change of venue for that rehearsal. Next time, come hell or high water, I hope fervently to be on time!

Rehearsal was good.


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