further birthday celebrations, Halloween party, bowling

Today was another day of birthday celebrations.

We started off with brunch with friends and family. Conversation ranged from jobs to tattoos, to the kids and what they’re up to, to music and education, and on. Ted very kindly took the kids outside when they got hyper so I could hang out with my sister and friends, but various other people took turns going outside with them too. Hazel got a ride around the block on A’s shoulders, which puts her up very high in the sky indeed.

This afternoon I took Hazel to a costume store expecting to buy her a kitty costume, but there weren’t any. So we bought a few different animal ear headbands to share with her sisters. Then we headed off to her friend S’s Haunted House party, where she wore the bunny ears, ate tons of off-wagon food, ran around shrieking, and had a fantastic time. She also asked if she could hold S’s 4-month-old little brother, which she did happily for quite a long time.

Once we got back, we planned and strategized with our babysitter, talking about ways she might more successfully get the kids down tonight (her second try). I suggested that she have Hazel stay downstairs while she put the twins down in their bedroom, so as to keep things simpler. Last week when Hazel helped it was sweet, but meant that she kept the twins excited and up for longer. We had a good conversation in which we established our parameters but left it up to her. And, as it turned out, it went well. There was crying, but it didn’t take her too long to get the twins to stay in their beds, and then to calm down, and then to sleep. Hazel was asleep by the time H got downstairs, and Ted just carried her up.

Then we headed off to go bowling with friends. I haven’t been bowling in a decade or so, I think. I was better this time than last, though my friends A and S were definitely better still. I think it’s funny how bowling looks like it should be so simple, and then it’s not. Regardless, it is tons of fun, and a good way to celebrate. I hadn’t met my friend S’s girlfriend yet, so we shared stories and started to get acquainted. It was nice to spend some time doing something fun with Ted, too. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had the time to do that. I’m glad we’ve gotten back to having some childcare so we can go out. It’s very good to do that.

A full day, and a fun one. And another full year to contemplate, celebrate, and be thankful for.


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