sick kid, kid who always wants to get her way, sleep, improved sleep

Poor Emily threw up copiously today, multiple times. Hazel said, “I don’t want to get near her, because I don’t want to get sick, because then I couldn’t go to school and I want to go to school!” Cute. I’m very glad she’s enjoying it so much.

I have been struggling, though, with her tendency to get very upset with her friends when they get mad when she tries to take something from them, or when she says things that are unkind. When she doesn’t get her way she tends to cry and stomp her feet and make statements that start with “he/she always”. She took a ball from her friend I today. He tried to prevent her, and in the process brushed the band-aid on her arm. She threw a huge fit and said he’d hurt her. His babysitter made him apologize to her. Grr. This is not the first time this has happened. I tried to have a conversation about it with her this evening, but it was too soon, because I was still irritated. I have to keep working on keeping the knowledge in the forefront of my mind and heart that she is learning, she is learning. And learning means making mistakes. Will I ever learn that? I hope so.

Talked for a couple of hours with a dear friend this morning. I think the statement, “My mother said there’ll be days like that” might need to be revised to “weeks” or “months” or even “years”. Life ain’t for the faint of heart. But love and friendship help.

It’s starting to get darker and colder here, settling into fall. The trees are becoming gorgeous, so that’s some consolation. And we had a spectacular summer, I have to keep that in mind! When the rain arrives in our neck of the woods in the fall I start dropping into S.A.D. But I think my lights are helping.

Last night the twins woke up at 3 am, and after trying to calm them for well over an hour, Ted and I brought them into our bed and slept with them. Well, they slept. I managed a bit of snoozing. And then this morning Joanna slept on me while I talked to my friend, with the easily predictable result that she didn’t want to go down at naptime, and woke Emily up. I gave in and lay down with them and they slept on me. Not a great habit, but I couldn’t face cranky twins for a whole afternoon. Here’s hoping the night will be better.

Now I’m going to go practice, and then I’m going to go to bed and read. It is quite wonderful how I am now looking forward to going to bed. I have to remember that if I can make progress with food and sleep, I can probably make progress with parenting, too.


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