mood, happiness

Today is a day on which I would rather curl up in bed and sleep than do the million things I need to do. I think I am going to make it my practice to notice positives during the day, even if they’re small. Not to force myself into a different mood, but to take note of beauty, kindness, connection.

Speaking of which, last night was our first curriculum night. I’m still chewing it all over, thinking about it. One thing that really struck me, though, was that they try to keep the kids in the “yellow” mood zone – happy. I wonder. I’m not sure that being happy is a good goal. I think I’d rather they aim for emotional awareness, and teach skills for handling the more challenging emotions, rather than just aiming for happy.

I’d rather we pursue authenticity than happiness, which is elusive and not really something that responds to top-down directives, imo. Though of course, happiness in a broader sense is not just a feeling, but more a multi-layered state of well-being.

Ok, time to stop philosophizing and go off to a chiro appointment.


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