Solo parenting, shopping, parental philosophizing

It’s been a long couple of days! Ted was out of town, arriving back this evening, so it was all me from Thursday night on. The nights were more successful than previous solo parenting experiences have been, due to my sleep being better in general. Usually when I’m on by myself and the babies wake up in the middle of the night I have such a powerful adrenaline response that it takes me forever to get back to sleep. But the last couple of nights I have been able to relax again sufficiently to avoid that frustrating circumstance.

There were wrinkles, of course. The monitor stopped working properly last night, which I realized after Joanna’s loud crying finally woke me up from two rooms away. After that, in a paranoia-driven fit of persistence, I spent about 20 minutes repeatedly trying to get the monitor to stay on, and eventually it did. I have no idea why it kept crackling and turning off, but that is one piece of electronics that will absolutely and promptly be replaced if it dies. It is currently quite essential to our littles lifestyle.

And, since I am currently experiencing the pleasures of perimenopause (what is it with all this irritating aging-related crap, anyway, crabs my inner cranky self) I got my second period in 2.5 weeks, just so I could really engage with the intensity of 3-on-1 parenting with verve and conviction.

Friday morning Hazel made it to class literally seconds before the bell rang. Yeah, I’ve got it together, by the encrusted skin of my morning-mouth teeth. Ok, I’ll stop with the disgusting imagery. 🙂

But there were the glowy-shiny-lovey moments too: puddle-stomping with the twins; watching Hazel run around with mobs of new school friends after school let out on Friday; playing with Legos with the twins; having Joanna and Emily proudly bring me Lego towers of their creation while I checked email and vegged for a bit this afternoon; watching Hazel write, “I ♥ Mommy” on today’s big art paper; snoozing for an hour (!!) with Emily on my chest this morning after she’d woken up at 7:15 and I lay down with her in my bed to see if she’d relax for a bit; Emily’s happy exclamations of, “Mama, Mommy!”; compromising with Joanna on climbing the stairs so that I started carrying her up them after 3, then 4, then 5 stairs mounted on her own and then finally, today she cheerfully went all the way up under her own power; Joanna starting to say, “Yelth!” [“Self”] to celebrate doing something without help.

After Ted got back I did some dishes (yes, very exciting!) and then went to pick up a Car2Go. On my rambling way over to get it I ran into another mom whose kid goes to Hazel’s elementary school. She recognized me and greeted me, and we had a nice conversation until we parted ways. That felt atypical and quite wonderful for this area, which can be socially chilly. It put a smile on my face.

Then I went over to a local mall to pick up a car charger for my phone, and on a whim stopped off in a store to see if I could find some new gigging clothes. I’ve needed to update my cello wardrobe for ages and ages, and I spent quite a while in the store trying various things on. Quite unusually for me, I found a variety of items that worked well, and bought a couple of non-black shirts as well, fun things that are a deliberate expansion of my wardrobe that has tended to very plain cotton shirts and baggy pants over the past several years. I am not a shopper, but it was enjoyable, especially since I could dawdle and consider with no rush.

I stopped off at a food truck and bought some bbq brisket (I bought half home for Ted, as it was a huge amount), and here I am, relaxed and looking forward to tomorrow.

One thing I was going to do tonight but ran out of time for was a pottery project at a place where you decorate and they fire pre-made pieces. I want to put up in our kitchen a sign that says something like this (but shorter): “Our children are constantly learning. Life is the best teacher. We don’t have to make every circumstance into a lesson. Love and compassion are always appropriate.” But I guess that wouldn’t fit easily on a platter. Maybe I’ll just make a sign and get Hazel to help me pretty it up.


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