Friends, Pilates, playing on the playground, Feliway

I am grateful for my friends, who see clearly and speak honestly and with love. I am grateful for dear ones with whom I can talk out life’s challenges.

Today I had a Pilates session. It is so good to get back to strengthening my core in that way. Of course, my legs were still sore from clutching the horse on Saturday, and they protested a few times. That’s ok, though. They’ll survive.

This afternoon when I went to pick Hazel up from school I decided to let the twins out of the stroller and let all three kids play on the playground for a while. Hazel came running over holding hands with her new friend I, who has just moved here with her family from Spain. They seemed pretty well matched, getting along really well. I exchanged contact info with I’s mom, at the girls’ suggestion, and we had a nice conversation. We’ll arrange a play date. Hazel also spent time running around playing hide and seek with her friend I from the neighborhood, in a group that included both boys and girls, which also made me happy.

The twins played on the playground equipment, by themselves at various times, and with Hazel and her friends. They climbed and hung and slid. I tried not to hover too much, an effort I am sure I will repeat many times in the weeks to come as they’re surrounded by big kids who pay varying degrees of attention to where the little heads and hands are.

Tonight I nursed the twins and Joanna didn’t want to let go and go to sleep. She went off and on three times. In the end I gave her to Ted while I got Emily down. Joanna was up many times last night, so she might be fighting an illness or just feeling funky somehow. I do hope she sleeps better tonight, though.

This evening I ordered some Feliway. The cats have not been getting along any better, and in fact this afternoon’s spat sounded more serious. I want to see if it will help. I do have friends whose two cats get along much more smoothly with the Feliway going in their house. So here’s hoping!


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