practicing in my sleep, Hazel’s lunch, time with Hazel

I woke up at 5 am “practicing” the chords in the final movement of the Respighi in my head, and was more or less awake from then on. This is a sign that a) I need to practice those chords this morning in actuality, and b) I need a bit more down time than I’ve been getting of late.

Hazel has not been eating her lunch at school. Persuasion, command, and irritation have all failed to make her do so (so surprising, that). We will have a family meeting about food and come up with solutions together. One of the reasons she likes to go to I’s house after school, having not eaten her lunch, is that she gets to eat all sorts of things there that we don’t have. This is a topic that gets both me and Ted somewhat riled up, but we know from our Positive Discipline training that there are other ways than just insisting and punishing non-compliance. We will find a way.

I think I’m going to walk Hazel to school this morning. Ted usually does that, but I have barely seen her over the past couple days of rehearsals, and since I’ll be teaching late today and performing tomorrow, I won’t really see her until Saturday. That is one aspect of a musician’s life, something to be balanced with parenting.

Off I go…


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