lunch with a friend, broken string, great new babysitter, neighborhood friend

Yesterday while I was practicing my C string broke. This is the second time in six months, which isn’t right. Today I will take my cello in to see if there’s a rough spot on the bridge or something else which is wearing them down so they’re popping. Given that my C strings cost $100, it’s an expensive situation. So, after I had lunch with a friend I ran over to a music store to buy a replacement for the whole set, since I didn’t currently have good backups for the rest of my strings. That was $300 in all. I can write it off on my taxes, but it’s rather ouchie at the moment.

It was good to see my friend D. We are friends from our parenting group, and have known each other since our kids were 3 weeks old. This was the first time we’ve ever gotten together minus kids. It was lovely to take a walk and talk, to sit in the sunshine and eat lunch together and talk, to share news without interruption. We talked some about the kids, but some about other things, too, like PT and triathlons, sleep issues and music.

We have had a new babysitter this week, since our regular nanny is out of town. She is really great, and we might hire her for some weekend work once or twice a month so we can have a date night once in a while. It is a huge relief to find someone with whom I’m comfortable, who I like, who the kids like, and who’s available for the hours we want. Our childcare bench had gotten shallow of late.

In the morning a couple of big boxes of diapers arrived. I brought them in, and Joanna and Emily had fun stomping on them. Then, between the two of them they got one opened and dragged out some of the packaging materials, strips of plastic air bubbles, something like 2.5 by 6 inches for each one. The babysitter, H, squeezed one until a thinner bubble formed and popped it, and then did it again and had the twins pop it. They were reduced to falling about with hilarity, laughing in that infectious way little kids do sometimes. And then there were requests for the rest of the day for more. There was a certain amount of debris that had to be cleaned up, but it was worth it.

My friend A came over to join the walk to pick Hazel up from school. He and she have a great game where he puts her on his shoulders and then pretends to be a robot with a malfunctioning motor. He walks along staggering occasionally and then telling her she has to fix the motor. She taps his forehead and makes fixing/beeping sounds, and they repeat the process. Lots of laughter.

Hazel also had a playdate with her neighborhood and now school friend I. His mom was home when I brought her over to his house, and we had a good conversation about how that’ll work. We’re on the same page with wanting them to be able to spend time together not always in an organized, planned way, and we can reciprocate at our house, too. After all the pain with T and J, this is a nice thing to see happen. Actually, I has a younger brother, so it’s another pair of boys, but I and Hazel are in the same year. They’re currently sitting together at lunch at school, and he really lit up when he saw her the first morning she went to the new school. I’m glad she’s getting to experience a reciprocal friendship.

Last night I had another rehearsal. We finally had a full string section, and we dug into the Honegger in more detail. That was satisfying.

When I came home Ted was making stew, and the house smelled wonderful. Today I’ll bake fish and corn and sweet potatoes. I love how we share the cooking.


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