rehearsal, kids’ dresses, cousin’s birthday, photo editing

Last night I had a rehearsal, during which it became clear to me what I still need to work out, as well as how good it is to practice something and have it stick. The Honegger is a powerful piece of music. I want to do it justice.

Then I took Hazel over to pick up the dresses she and I picked out for her for this year. While we were at the store, we got two dresses in the twins’ size so that they could run around in something that doesn’t drag on the ground and trip them up. We didn’t have small dresses like that for Hazel, for the most part, so this is a new experience for us. When we got back Hazel picked out the one she wanted to wear for her cousin’s birthday party, which was a bit later in the afternoon. It’s really a celebration of fall and B’s birthday. I’ve been going to it each year for as long as my sister has been holding it, so there were friends of hers to see and catch up with. As well, there was yummy food, fantastic warm sunshine, and fun arts and crafts for the kids. Ted and I both had great time, and the kids did too.

After we’d gotten the kids down my friend L came over to help me edit some of the wedding photos I took for my friend U a few weeks ago. She’s going to be out of town for a while, and this was our only chance to do it. That meant I was up pretty late, looking at a computer screen. But it was an enjoyable and interesting process, and I managed to get to sleep afterwards, and to stay asleep for a good chunk of the night. I think I’m going to buy Adobe Lightroom so I can edit photos on my computer with a greater degree of control. And I’ve been wanting for a while to have a large, good, color-balanced monitor with which to do that sort of work, so I think we’ll get one with this project for impetus.

Today, though, I need to practice.


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