Sleep improvements, new kindergarten, play date

I had a rehearsal last night, and didn’t get home until 10 pm, so therefore, following my new rule, couldn’t crack open the computer and write a post. This is definitely a big change for me, and it took a fair amount of will power to break my habit and do something else. It did work, though, I have to admit. I took a shower and came upstairs, and managed to get to sleep when usually I would have been sitting in a comfy chair, writing, reading emails and blogs, and playing Scrabble. This is another big win for me, along the lines of when we did the Whole 30, and I didn’t eat sugar at all for a month. It’s a thing I didn’t really think I could do. As I manage it more, I will build trust in myself, and that will help me continue.

I picked Hazel up from kindergarten yesterday. That was fun. I don’t think it’ll take us too long to settle into the new routine, actually. After we got home and checked in with Ted, we dropped the kids off at the park with a babysitter from the new service we’re using, and went to an appointment. Hazel had really wanted to have another play date with her friend I, so on the way home from the park she knocked on his door. To her delight they were home, so she got her wish, and told Ted about it very excitedly later on.

I’ve got another rehearsal this morning, so I’ve got to go do all the morning stuff. I slept in a bit, and time is now short. But I’m not feeling exhausted, and that is wonderful.


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