Got into the Spanish school!

Last night’s sleep was somewhat better, and I am actually looking forward to going to bed tonight, so those are both positive steps in the right direction.

This afternoon after I got home from picking Hazel up from school and running an errand, the phone rang. It was the school district’s enrollment office, calling to tell me that a spot had opened up at the school we’ve wanted Hazel to attend, and that she could start tomorrow if we wanted to take it. I felt a mixture of things: shock, because I didn’t really think she’d get in, and because it felt so abrupt; happiness that after all, she can go to that school and continue learning Spanish; sadness that she won’t get to sit next to her friend E, whom she loves, at her current school; a bit of concern about how she was going to take the news; relief that our schedule will be a bit easier (Ted will be able to take an earlier shuttle to work, and nap/picking Hazel up from school logistics will be less tight); nervousness about how the transition to the new school will go; embarrassment/shame about having such strong feelings about the whole thing all along; self-directed amusement at the mix of things going on in my head as I was talking to the enrollment person.

After I got off the phone I sat down and invited Hazel to sit in my lap. I told her I was excited, because she’d gotten into the school we’d applied for. I said it was going to be neat to be able to just walk a couple blocks over to the school, and that she’d be able to see some of her neighborhood friends there. I named a few names. I said I understood if she was sad not to be able to see her friends at her current school. She said she was sad about that, that she would miss seeing E. I went and got a little journal-type book I’ve been saving, and wrote in it a list of her friends she wants to keep in touch with, their parents’ names, and where we know them from, and told her we’d make sure to make play dates with them. I also told her that the day would be divided, half in Spanish and half in English. She seemed pretty cool with it.

Tomorrow morning we’ll all walk over and get all the relevant things done, and hopefully see her classroom too.

This evening after I was done teaching we went to get a hot dog in celebration of the change, and (almost) shamelessly, let her have two treats, both cookies and ice cream. Yup, I will admit to a spot of somewhat artificial positive association.

We will have to see how things go. I am pretty sure she’ll have some resistance initially, but I’m also pretty sure she’ll settle in and make new friends. She always does.

Of course, we don’t need to bike her to school now, but I think I probably will bike over to get her in the afternoons, and then pick a park to go play at afterwards. IMO, kids don’t get nearly enough outside time in kindergarten any more, so I’ll want to give her a chance to run around for a while before we go home and do tea time and anything else.

So here we go!


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