medicine cabinet solutions, schools, practicing

Ted and I finally got all the medications and supplements etc locked up in medication lockboxes today. We had gotten partly there but not all the way (the dangerous things were in locked containers, but there were others that weren’t yet), and then the twins figured out they could get up on benches and open up various cabinets, and we sped up the process. So we feel virtuous, if delinquently so.

My sister and I had a good talk about schools this evening, and she gave me some good advice from the perspective of a parent and teacher, on how to handle the limbo we find ourselves in. And that is, commit to her current school and don’t involve Hazel in any of the conversation about the school she might transfer to. And then if it happens, it happens. The constant uncertainty about where she’s going to be will be more stressful for her than the big change if it does occur. So, I am officially telling my subconscious to stop worrying about it. And I am giving myself permission to feel overwhelmed by 81 kids and their parents in one room. And I am happy that Hazel is enjoying kindergarten so far.

In the meantime, I have a concert in two weeks and a lot of practicing to do. I know how to do that. I will focus on that, since I can achieve measurable and mostly predictable improvements by putting the work in, which is soothing to my freaked out inner child.

And now, bedtime.


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