Kindergarten realities, Spanish art class, time with twins, long day

Today was Hazel’s second day of kindergarten. According to our nanny, she said, “You have to sit still and not talk ALL THE TIME!” Yeah. School. I have to admit, I giggled to myself at her intonation, which J captured perfectly.

On the advice of one of my cello student’s parents, who knows both Hazel and me fairly well, I did go ahead and sign Hazel up for an 1.25 hour art class at the Spanish school she went to this summer. She loves that place and the teachers, and it will help her keep her toe in even if she doesn’t get into the elementary school by our house. As my student’s parent said, Hazel is very social and loves to learn, and the class will be very informal. I think it will be good. And if it doesn’t work out we can withdraw her mid-session and they’ll refund minus a deposit.

This morning I had a really wonderful sunny time with my twins. They finger painted, which really meant face/body/clothing painted, after which we had a bath. We went for a walk. We had lunch. We sang songs, read books. I got them down for nap pretty easily. My nanny took them in the stroller to pick up Hazel, and they meandered back with a snack pack I’d prepared earlier in the day.

Today was long: I was “on” taking care of the kids from 8 am, went straight to work, and got done teaching at 9:30 pm. *phew* Consequently, I am up way too late and need to go to bed.


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