Somewhat better sleep, time with friends, family dinner, kid drama

Last night I took a Benadryl when I went to bed. It helped. I slept for about five hours, and then another hour and a half when I got back to sleep. I felt very tired when I got up due to the built-up sleep deficit, but it’s progress. I’m going to start using the light clock in the morning, and I think I’m going to take some Benadryl again for the next couple of nights so I can accommodate the earlier wake-up time, which will then hopefully help me get onto a better rhythm.

This afternoon I met up with my friend D who’s visiting, and another friend of ours for a drink and a bite at a local pub. That was wonderful. It’s fun to congregate in groups (even if small) of college friends. The shared history is deep. We agreed that we really want to try to get our whole larger friend group to go to a college reunion in the next few years, where we can nostalgically walk, dance, talk, and party at the original scene of our meeting. I’m so grateful to have had a powerful college experience, which, even if it was not always happy or positive, was something through and from which I grew and learned, and from which I have developed such close friendships.

After D and I got back we did family dinner with the kids. Hazel went ballistic because she wanted to eat dinner outside. Ted had set up inside and I had a huge migraine that was taking me down at that time, so neither of us were up for transferring food outside and then doing all the running back and forth. We were able to work it out, and in fact we ate our veggies and then our watermelon out on the porch. There has definitely been a higher drama level with Hazel lately. I suspect that the first month of kindergarten may produce some interesting times in our house.

After dinner we watched the twins run one of their favorite cycles, which is climbing up on the ottoman that lives next to the couch and diving over the couch arm onto the cushions. All three kids got rather worked up, but we figured that the exercise was going to help them sleep better. And indeed, putting the twins down was pretty easy tonight.

It has been lovely to watch my friend D playing with the kids. Emily assiduously fed her veggies this evening, and she’s spent quite a bit of time playing with them with Legos and Anker blocks. My guess is that part of tonight’s meltdown was Hazel feeling sad that D is leaving tomorrow.

Ted goes back to work tomorrow after our week off plus Labor Day. I get one more morning with D, and then tomorrow night I have a rehearsal, so it’s back to the real world for us all. Time to say goodbye to summer, to our time home together as a family, to my friend D. Time to welcome the school year with its new adventures.


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