Philips Sunshine Clock, friend visiting, toy org

The Philips Wake-up Light With Sunrise Simulation clock arrived today, and I just set it up. It seems promising. It also, somewhat hilariously to me, seems in design like something that someone in the 70’s would have thought futuristic. I was also amused to hear a radio emanating from what appears to be a large light bulb. Nonetheless, I think the going to sleep function where the light level reduces gradually will be helpful. And I think that waking to light will be helpful. We’ll see. I’ll have four mornings to test it out before the fateful fifth morning from now, which will be Hazel’s first day of kindergarten.

My friend D arrived today for a long weekend visit. I am so happy to see her. She and S and I met for drinks and dinner this evening. Ah, so lovely to sit around a table having a beer or two, talking with adults about adult things (and about my kids, which I seem unable to completely avoid, but I kept to a fairly subdued and infrequent level), seeing friends I’ve known for more than half my life.

Today Ted and I mostly finished our overhaul of the main floor of our house. There are a few bits and pieces to deal with, but it’s almost done. We’ve also been consistent (thus far in only a two-day period) at getting clean-up to happen after each activity, or near enough that we don’t wind up with sixteen different sets of toys littering the floor. The toy bookshelf that is now in the front room doesn’t have doors, and that thrills the twins, who love to take out everything on the bottom shelf and dump it in the living room. But that’s fine. The Legos and toddler puzzles are pretty easy to put back, and seeing the delight on the twins’ faces when they can access their own toys is really priceless.

Kids really do love to do things for themselves. And it’s important to keep that in mind when designing organization for the house. We have their cups and plates and bowls down where they can reach them, because it pleases them so much to go get a cup, bring it over, and say, “Milk?” or “Water?” I can ask them to go get their plates when I’m getting food out. It helps all of us for them to be involved and be, to the degree that they can be, self-sufficient.

All right. It’s time to hit the hay, try out the new clock, and hope for better sleep tonight!


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