miraculous household events

And lo! It is now it is possible to walk all the way across the playroom and the office without stepping on anything other than the rug. The dining room table which was almost totally clear is now piled high, but we are pretty sure we can empty it again quickly tomorrow. And then, fix the picnic table and clear the porch. And THEN, the fun part: buying presentation albums for Hazel’s chosen special art from the last five years (and even more fun, watching her put them together); as well as a few more organizationally-related baskets and boxes; as well as a family photo album in which we can put our favorite photos each week/month; as well as an easel and pad on which we can write ideas/solutions/issues for our family meetings.

And then tomorrow night I get to see my friend D, who is in town this weekend. Yippee!

Oh, and in another miraculous event, Ted said that Emily went down without a peep tonight. When I got home from work at 8:35 or so, he was already downstairs reading in the kitchen. That is somewhat astounding.


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