Paperwork gems, sleep schedules, communication with inmates

Today Ted and I got down to brass tacks and almost finished organizing the office. Among the things I rediscovered while sorting through paperwork were:

  • a note of condolence from a friend upon Chester’s death (our orange kitty, whom I had from the time he was six weeks old to when he died this year at the ripe old age of 18 years)
  • congratulations cards sent from friends and family upon the birth of the twins
  • cool mobiles that our friend J sent from London so many months ago that it is perhaps years , and which we have still not put together (a project for perhaps the end of the week)
  • ultrasounds from when the twins were somewhere in the 20’s in terms of weeks in utero

And, as always when we clean house, I already feel lighter, in body and mind. Tomorrow we’ll file away all the things we have stuffed into our “to be filed” folder. And tomorrow we’ll tackle the pile on the dining room table, which seems to change in content but never vary in volume. I will quite enjoy being able to see the top of the table again.

Last night I attempted to go to bed earlier, but a problem with how to arrange the furniture in the yellow room and dining room niggled so persistently in the corner of my mind into which I had attempted to enclose it, I had to get up and move things around some more. I did win, in the sense that the arrangement worked much better when I was done. Nonetheless, I was so tired today I got a large latte before we got going, to carry me through the day on a caffeinated wave of artificially produced energy.

Facing the new daily schedule which will be a product of Hazel entering kindergarten next week, I feel like a little kid: “But I don’t WANT to get up!” This of course means I have to start going to bed earlier. I am going to try melatonin this week to see if it will help me shift things the requisite 45 minutes or hour from their current temporal location in my day.

Ted and I are thinking about getting this clock to help. I am NOT a morning person, so am looking for whatever I can do to help myself get into gear in the morning (without taking a cold shower, etc.)

My friend R called me this afternoon just before I was due to start teaching. He hasn’t received any of the emails I sent him through jPay, boo hiss. And two of my letters have been returned, since he’d been moved to a different facility and they didn’t follow him. I hope we can connect up tomorrow. This is just one small example of how isolated a person can get when they’re in jail. I’m not sure it’s a good thing altogether to lock people away into the complicated, sometimes violent, sometimes toxic environment which is our jail & prison system.

After I was done teaching I went upstairs to snuggle with Hazel before she went to sleep. She’s caught the twins’ cold, so now everyone in the family has had it except for me. I am taking immune support, and hoping that with good sleep I’ll avoid it. The good thing is that Hazel will be healthy by the time kindergarten starts.

And then I walked over to the corner store to pick up some emergency cat food. It’s getting cooler in the evenings, so I grabbed a shawl, inspired by the example and gift of my sister-in-law. And lo and behold, it was perfect, just like Little Bear’s porridge. I love evenings like that, clear lovely with a soft breeze blowing. It has been a rather wonderful summer.


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