breakfast with a friend, house org

This morning our friend S came over for breakfast, bearing a lovely Gouda and eggs. I was making bacon, so I used the same pan after that was done, and made a scramble with the eggs and cheese. Since we’ve vowed to see each other more often, we have managed to follow through, and that warms my heart. Hanging out with S, whom I’ve known since I was 18 years old, helps me feel more connected to my life history. And it’s lovely to share that friendship with Ted and my kids.

After he left, we went to an organization store to buy a couple more sets of shelves. The twins have gotten big enough to reach the top of the dining room table (and Emily has figured out that it’s super easy to just get up on a chair, and then reach and grab all the fascinating stuff we’ve piled there), as well as the kitchen counters. Suddenly, things that were safe before are safe no longer. All of this has necessitated a new round of baby-proofing, which means finding new homes for some things, at least for the next year or two.

After we got our shelves we let the twins play in a fountain for a while. They started with reaching their hands across the little wall to the water. Then they climbed up on the wall. And then Joanna climbed all the way in and walked around in the shallow pool, grinning all over her cherubic face. We were surprised, because we thought Emily would have been the first in. She did follow Joanna, and they played with the fountain, laughing and splashing, until they were soaked. It was worth it to see them having such a great time.

Thus, today we did another round of moving furniture around. We’re virtually done with that, and now we have a week to move the contents around, to throw stuff out, to rejigger and re-establish, as well as to create better systems (ie, finish the office, which we never did last time).

In the process I figured out that I’d forgotten, again, to water my plants. Grr, argh! I had been nursing my jasmine back to health, and now it’s all papery and crackly, and I’m afraid I’ve done it in once and for all. I hope I can save it.

The kids are all sick and cranky. I am hoping that this illness will breeze by pretty quickly, and that Hazel will be healthy for the start of school, which is approaching quickly!

Ok, the timer I set for myself to force myself to go to bed has dinged. Off I go.


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