A day with 4 kids, an evening off

This morning Ted and I loaded the kids into the car and I took them off to pick up my niece at 9:30. We met up with my friend A and her girlfriend, and then all 7 of us went to the zoo, in my Volvo. That’s definitely the record for the number of people we’ve transported in that car, and it involved a certain amount of noise and activity.

The two other adults left after about an hour there, as they had another activity planned, and I continued at the zoo with the four kids. Having very little children who are fairly adventurous is sometimes challenging, and I find it hard to find the right line, or zone, or level of attention, particularly when my two littles are heading in opposite directions in a room full of fun hidden spots. Nonetheless, I loved seeing Emily climb the long set of rock stairs to get to the top of the medium-sized slide, and then flash her biggest smile as she arrived at the bottom of it.

The twins fell asleep on the ride home, so I carried them up one by one and put them down in their beds for nap while Hazel and her cousin had a snack. After that I got about 20 uninterrupted minutes while Hazel and B had a pretty good quiet time together in the yellow room.

Once everyone was awake and had further snacking opportunities, I filled the little kiddie pool out back. The twins didn’t spend much time in it (it was in the shade, and that water is cold), but they vastly enjoyed being wrapped up in towels while the big kids splashed about.

Then, shortly after Ted got home from work it was time for me to take B off to meet up with my sister. I got her there on time, in one piece, with her swimming suit in a plastic bag, and reasonably happy.

Ted generously suggested that I take off after dropping B off, and I did so, showing up at my friend A’s house (different A) hungry and fatigued after the day’s tremendous expenditure of energy. Taking care of 4 kids isn’t really my forte, but of course, having had children, it is nonetheless something I find myself doing nowadays. I do get tired, though. So, my friend gave me some wonderful pea soup he’d just made, and some nut butter on toast, and I revived. When his wife P arrived we all had dinner and great conversation, ranging from health issues to spiritual and psychological growth, to relationship dynamics to kids, etc.

Now I am home, in time to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

A successful day.


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