bedtime improvements, Wheely Bugs, toddler speech, kissing twins

Victory! Or at least, it’s getting better, for now. One learns to be guarded in one’s assessment as a parent, in an attempt not to get too attached to a specific outcome. Nevertheless, tonight there was only about 20 minutes of serious screaming, and then both twins went to sleep. I only had to replace them in their beds a few times. I managed to be relatively even in my tone with Hazel as I was reading to her while listening to the twins’ screams and cries, and now it’s before 9 and I have the rest of the evening to myself, assuming, of course, that the twins don’t wake up multiple times. I am however, cautiously optimistic that they won’t.

Today we went to buy a third Wheely Bug for the girls. Their grandpa G got them a big one and a small one on the occasion of his last visit, and they have become very popular, to the extent that there are conflicts every day between the three girls for the use of the bee and the lady bug. With most things we want to teach them to share, but in this instance I felt like it was a good idea to just get a third. They all love them, and it’s a way they can play together. So we got a tiger today. Emily spent a long time spinning in circles on it, commenting on its tail, its fuzzy ears, and its nose.

Emily’s speech is endlessly entertaining and endearing. She draws words out, so that they become multi-syllabic and exquisitely expressive. “Cooo-ul”, and “Fuzzzzy” are two that recur frequently. She’s starting to string a couple of words together more often, too. This morning when we were at the chiropractor there was a new baby crying across the aisle. “Bee-bee. Cy-ing” got repeated a lot. Emily also knows how to say, “Sorry” now too.

Joanna’s speech is getting clearer. Her, “Yeah!” is crystal now.

Joanna has for quite some time now enjoyed kissing the cats. She recently started kissing characters in books too, usually animals, and Emily has begun to join her. It takes longer to get through some books, as there is a lot of smooching. Last night I read, “Blueberries For Sal,” at bedtime, and each picture of the bear cub meant a substantial pause as both twins kissed the page.

This afternoon we met my sister and niece at the zoo. It was a quick visit, but included a ride on the carousel. Approaching the building, the twins both started saying, “Neigh, neigh!” It won’t be that long before they ride the horses too, instead of sitting with me in a chariot. Quite fun.

Hazel has been counting down the days to our next Mommy-Hazel Day, next Saturday. I am looking forward to it too. In the meantime, tomorrow I have a chamber music weekend to go to, from which I will return Monday morning. Bliss! I have to remember my swimming suit, too, since it’s on a lake which is cold but refreshing. I also have to remember to pick up food to share, and pine nuts for a friend who forgot them. And my cello. I can’t forget that!


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