Gardening, parenting, teaching, bedtime, emailing friend in jail

This morning I spent a while weeding while the kids played in the dirt and water. Hazel really wanted to weed with me, but the plants I’m pulling up have long, fragile roots, and they’re taking over the garden, and I wasn’t in the mood to teach and weed with her while also looking after the twins. I asked her if she would like to weed with me at our next Mommy-Hazel day, however, and she said yes. At that point I’ll have a few more neurons freed up and be in a place where I can enjoy that activity more.

I used some of the training we’ve received in our parenting class to come back from being mad this morning about missing caps and markers. After I’d cooled down, I got a piece of paper and wrote the problem at the top of it. Then I asked Hazel if she’d like to help me come up with some solutions. And she did. In fact, the first thing suggested was the idea I’d had while in the shower, and that is, if adults aren’t in the same room while the kids are coloring, we pick out one marker each for them to use until an adult is back in the room. I’m excited to try our solutions (also including having a basket for caps while the kids are coloring, and another basket for pens), and even more excited that I was able to calm down, do some repair, and then do something productive with Hazel. Score!

I didn’t manage to eat lunch today, and after teaching four students in a row I was ravening by dinner time. It is amazing how easy it is, with kids, to accidentally skip meals. Focusing and communicating with others, however, is definitely impacted by lack of sleep and/or lack of food. The lessons after dinner were easier than those before. All went well, though. I was in the mood to work on intonation today, and my students all put in a lot of work. I appreciated their willingness and their focus.

Tonight the twins didn’t fall asleep nursing, but came off and wanted more books. It was time for songs and bedtime at that point, and I was a bit worried it would take ages. Joanna went down pretty easily, though, and Emily didn’t take too long, just having to be replaced in her bed a couple of times. I am feeling cautiously optimistic that we might be moving to a better place regarding bedtime. That is good. In a few weeks it will all have to happen earlier, with the advent of kindergarten.

After we got them down I came downstairs and finally figured out how to email my friend in jail. The system had misfiled him, and therefore not given me the option. That has been fixed, so I sent off my first message tonight. As weirdly fun and nostalgic as it has been to send him letters through the regular mail, I have to admit that I appreciate the speed of electronic mail. Hopefully he’ll receive it in the next day or two. There’s still the logistics and procedures of prison, after all.

And now, time to wind down and attempt to go to sleep.


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