Cello technique, scheduling, potty training, Ferguson

I have, apparently, almost succeeded in convincing one of my students that a contraction is not a shift. We had a long discussion about it today. It’s the small victories.

My student who’s very committed to horses practiced on the cardboard fingerboard I gave her, and did the rhythm exercises I assigned, and by golly, she had a better lesson today. Filed under the category of “Do What Works”.

I’ve been working on the upcoming fall schedule. I realized that I’d planned to be practicing and working out during the mid-afternoon on Tuesdays when Hazel is going to be coming home from kindergarten. That doesn’t work. Given that she won’t see me in the morning, and that Tuesday nights are my writing nights, she’d barely see me at all those days the way I had the schedule set up. So, I’m going to swap it around. I want to be here and able to be present with her when she comes home from school this year. It’s going to be a big change for all of us.

Since Joanna and Emily are using their potties more and more, we ordered pull-ups today. It’s shortly going to be a brave new world around here. We’ll see how it goes, of course. We’re not pushing them; we’re following their lead, and they are apparently potty-training themselves.

Unfortunately, having taken my wonderful parenting class has not instantly transformed me into a loving, patient and understanding mom. (Imagine that!) I was cranky today at times. Nonetheless, I feel a sea change inside, and I can tell it’ll have big impacts in the family too.

Here’s wishing whatever justice is possible to emerge in Ferguson, MO, which is close to my childhood hometown. Some of the mainstream coverage has been atrocious. The militarization of the police in this nation is having terrible consequences. Here’s one take in Shakesville.

Bedtime. It’s late. Wishing peace for all.


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