Friendship, cooking, sleep, twins’ and big sister’s accomplishments, breath class benefits

This afternoon I posted, at his request, info on my friend’s wall letting friends know that he’s in jail. The response has warmed my heart. He has a lot of caring friends. Somehow we have to, as a society, learn to communicate better and more reliably with each other, to value asking for help as well as independence, to check in with each other, to speak about how we’re doing and what we need. Most human beings are not meant to live in isolation, whether in a crowd or in a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We can’t save one another, but we can help each other.

Tonight I’ve been prepping for our mountain cabin trip by cooking. There is or soon will be roasted cauliflower in two varieties (olive oil & lime juice, olive oil & turmeric & paprika); sautéed chard and spinach with onions and apples; meatloaf; stew; steamed green beans. I think we’ll have enough food.

I shall be experimenting with both cameras and all lenses while on the mountain. Here come 5,389 photos of trees. Whee! Oh, and maybe a few people too. 🙂

Emily has gone down reasonably easily for two nights in a row now. Two nights ago it was our nanny C who accomplished it; tonight it was Ted. Here’s hoping/praying/deliriously yearning for/wishing with all our collective might that this will be a trend that continues for at least some time. please, please, please, please, please, please….

Joanna has started calling Emily, “Emmy”. My cute nodule explodes in delight whenever I hear her say that. She’s also able to climb the big stairs at the bottom of the slides at our local park now, and do the endless circle of delight going down the slide and up the stairs.

Content Note for what follows: I will be talking about potty training, for those of you who don’t wish to read about it.

Emily has begun to potty train herself. Ted has them both sit on the potties when they come down in the morning, and now they are both discovering that those little green plastic things in the bathroom are not only fun toys but have a function. And this afternoon before nap Emily said she wanted to go potty, so I took her diaper off for her. Then I went into the yellow room to see if Joanna wanted to too, only to find her fast asleep on the couch. I came back into the bathroom to find Emily in the middle of standing over the potty and pooping. It’s exciting, because she’s developing a new important skill pretty much on her own. I washed it out, and we both celebrated, grinning and giggling.

When Emily wants to go potty, have her diaper changed, or stall at bedtime, she says, “Poooopy! Messssy!”

Tomorrow is Hazel’s last morning of summer school. It has gone so well. All the older kids in her class are gentle and encouraging with her. They’ve been speaking Spanish longer than she has, and I think their example and the way they are with her has inspired her to be braver with it, to speak more, and understand more. I am very pleased with how she’s doing.

The breath class we took yesterday has helped me amazingly. I feel so much better, so much more like my regular self. I have energy back, positivity and hope. Tonight Ted and I will end our evening’s activities by meditating for 5 minutes together. And then, maybe just maybe, we’ll all sleep for a good chunk of the night.


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