trip prep, clinging to sanity

It’s a full week. I think that between the two of us Ted and I may get enough food cooked and enough clothes cleaned and put away to be functional before we go hang out on a mountain with my sister and her family.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up the lens I’m renting. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

And in a few weeks Ted’s going to take off some days so we can tackle more of the house prior to the school year starting. We never did finish the house org we left undone those many weeks ago, the last time we tried this. And unfinished things tend to leak and spread and creep until there are stress sources lying in wait all through the house. So this time we’re going to try to finish.

Yesterday we got the bill for full-day kindergarten. Almost 300 bucks a month. It’s a brave new world.

Today was a hard day. It was a day I was super-duper stressed out, not even for a direct reason, though there were obvious contributing factors. But it was one of those days that I was so close to being in the red zone that anything set me off. I am hoping that being on the mountain will be relaxing, at least some of the time, possibly after all the kids are asleep.

I understand now why my mom always wanted us to put away whatever we’d gotten out, and to leave nothing lying around on the kitchen table. (Sorry, Mom.) Stepping on toys all around the house revs me up. I think we’re going to start working harder on incorporating clean-up into our family activities. Either that, or throw everything out. I don’t think that’s a good long-term solution, though it might feel satisfying in the moment.


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