swimming pool fun, walking, good friends, drooling cats

It was a gorgeous summer day today, so I got out the kiddie pool for the twins after they napped this afternoon. Very soon they had taken everything off and were stomping around in the water buck nekkid, giggling like fiends. And then they decided it would be fun to climb up and down our back stairs, which are a bit rickety and definitely not enclosed. This weekend’s project will be attaching more 2×4’s so they have something to hold on to, and maybe stapling some strong wire mesh to the outside, too. Then it’ll be fine for them to go stomping up and down the stairs, and Ted and I won’t be risking a heart attack every time.

I had a chiro appointment this evening, to which I took a Car2Go. Then I decided to walk home from it, about a 20 minute walk. Times have changed. I prefer to walk over driving now, and while that’s often not currently practical, I am glad that I prefer movement to couch-potato-dom.

And on the way home I had a good conversation with my friend D. It is such a gift to have friends who know you well, who tell the truth, who understand, who support you, who pull no punches, who love you.

My gift in the moment is a loving cat, though what I just said to her was, “Ok, you can sit *here*, and you can drool on the pillow.” Hmmmmmm


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