bad bedtime, feelings, the gifts of love

It took me two hours to get Emily to sleep. I’m feeling a bit too shredded to think of anything to write.

I will say, I am continuing to think about the way in which relationships and emotions are different, and how that can impact how I relate to the people in my life. It is a big task, to separate my feelings from my actions, so that I don’t shame or blame myself or anyone else when in the grip of some internal response to something.

And tonight I’m thinking of my loved ones. Everyone’s got struggles. Some days are harder than others. Reach out and tell the people you love that you love them. You never know when a few lines in a letter might make someone’s life a bit easier to bear, might help them pick up that burden again and keep plodding along, might bring them a spot of brightness, a smile, the rejuvenation of tears.

And thanks to Ted for the hour I had this evening to talk to a friend and have a nice meal.


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