Quartet rehearsal, quartet head shot

We had a quartet rehearsal tonight. The first thing we did was to take a photo, since we had a vast style range in our individual head shots (from none to formal) and wanted something more unified. I set up my Nikon 3200 with my newly fixed 50mm lens on my tripod, and we ranged up in front of the red velvet curtains I currently have hanging in my studio. We only needed one picture, and I think I took 18 shots. A certain subliminal agitation was rising to a perceptible level by the time we (I) agreed that we had what we (*I*) wanted. And I would have preferred to try a couple more, slap them on my computer to make sure we were all in focus, and do a couple more. But the picture we got was good, and it was good practice for the upcoming wedding.

Then we did Schubert and Beethoven and agreed that there’s a fair amount of awkwardness in the rep in the form of keys with many sharps, passages that don’t fall well into the hand, fast and uncomfortably difficult runs. We thought that perhaps we should name ourselves the “Awkward String Quartet” but in another language, like German. According to Google, that would make us the Umständlich Quartet.

Ironically, the Prokofiev is much more comfortable to play.

I love it all.


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