cold, grumpy, cardboard fingerboard, lens repair

It’s cold. Bleah. We don’t get a lot of summer around here, so I don’t want to shiver my way through a cold and rainy day during the few warm weeks that we do get.

Ok, I’ll stop whining now and go look at waterproof biking clothes that I can order in the fall, when I’m biking through this stuff every day and it’s several degrees colder outside. Something to look forward to?

This evening I made a cardboard fingerboard for a student so she can practice in the car. She’s very involved in horse camps and doesn’t have a lot of time for anything else, but she can work on learning notes and rhythms in the car. I am hoping it will help her get more practice in, and to gradually ramp up toward the demands of the school year, which is not actually that far away now…

Oh, I took my lens to the repair shop. $160 to fix it, hopefully no more. A new one would be $400, so it’s worth fixing, but still a bit ouchy. But I will need it for the wedding I’m going to be photographing next month. And I will be glad to have it back. It’s a great lens, and nice to have for low light situations. It’s a 50mm fixed length Nikon 1.8, very fast. I like my zoom, but for inside shots the 50mm is much better. I want it to take pictures of the twins’ sleeping faces post-nursing. I am not sure how much longer that will last, and I want a picture to help remember the sweetness of those moments.

They had a couple of play cameras at the shop, which was good for entertaining the small fry. Nonetheless, one of the six hands I needed to watch other than my own two managed to get ahold of and rip the cardboard packaging on an item. They will learn. I wonder how many repetitions of, “Look, but don’t touch, please!” will be uttered by the time I can stop that particular chapter of parental guidance.


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