massage, the park with twins, meeting people and dogs

Ahhhh. Today I had a massage. It was wonderful, uncomfortable, and relaxing. Uncomfortable, because at times she was digging into some serious tightness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back, and at points pain radiated down my arms. Relaxing, because at times the touch was soothing. Wonderful, because I could feel it loosening me up, and because I felt better afterwards. I also had a chiropractic adjustment today, and around lunchtime was feeling pretty decent.

Today also included piano practice with Hazel, a couple of good cello lessons, and a trip to the park where we met up with my friend A. He and I pushed the twins on swings, talked, blew dandelions that Emily brought to us, and enjoyed the sunshine. We met a woman at the park who was walking a dog, a blonde Doberman, like this one, who was relaxed, friendly, and totally happy to have the twins pet him. I always ask the owners/walkers of dogs if the kids can say hi to the dog. When they say yes, an enjoyable interaction and conversation often develops. I like modeling this way of connection with consent.


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