critique meeting, biking to group, goodbye hugs, Hazel’s village

This morning my critique group met. We spent a while telling about recent life events and then discussed one person’s query letter and a scene I brought to share. I have a new project, which is to write my main character’s grandmother’s story down in her voice, so I can further explore her history and motivations. I’m also going to consider moving the city in which my main character is living with her dad, having been given some good reasons by my friends to do so. I have been imagining her walking around in a place with which I am familiar. I shall have to do some research and start picturing her elsewhere.

This afternoon we had a speaker at our parenting group. The topic was family biking, and so Ted and I rode our Madsen and the Edgerunner we’re borrowing up to the house where the meeting took place. That was our longest ride yet, and it was fun. Of course, it’s easy for me to say that: I had the Edgerunner, which has an electric assist, and Ted was working it hard up hills on the Madsen. We’re definitely going to get an e-assist put on the Madsen. It’s a 100-pound bike before you even put kids in it. I am impressed that he never had to walk the bike. I would have had to walk it a good half of the time, and would have been very, very late to the meeting. As it was, I experimented with the throttle on the Edgerunner, getting it down low enough so that I was still working, while providing me enough oomph to get up the hills.

Emily has started asking for goodbye hugs. She runs after whomever is leaving, arms flung wide, saying, “Hug? hug?” This afternoon Joanna got Hazel’s pea coat out and walked around in the house wearing it. She looked like a very small urban person, quite chic and serious from the back, and then hilariously cute from the front with her pleased smile.

Hazel spent a chunk of the morning with our friends A and P, going to a nursery to buy dill, going back to their house to plant it, building a miniature house with A, having lunch with them. I am so happy that she has such wonderful chosen family. I love seeing my dear daughter with my dear friends, forming her own independent loving relationship with them. And I love that they love to spend time with her. It’s the best.

Tonight the twins fell asleep nursing, and Joanna rolled off the nursing pillow onto her mattress, still asleep. One of these days I need to bring my Nikon upstairs so I can get a picture of their sleeping faces in the very low light in their bedroom. It is a view I want to have a photo of so I can look at it later and remember. So many people have written about the sweetness of their children’s faces relaxed in sleep. It is another example of dolcissimo, and looking at their long lashes lying on their cheeks, I feel a love that squeezes my heart. They are so beautiful together, inside and out.


3 thoughts on “critique meeting, biking to group, goodbye hugs, Hazel’s village

  1. mudpilewood says:

    The twins sound like two highly independent characters. You must be fit cycling that distance, even with an assist bike.

    • cellocatnw says:

      The twins are so different from each other, it’s fun to see them come together. As for being fit, I’m so-so. One of the reasons we want to get into family biking is to give us both more opportunities to exercise. It’d be awesome to get to the point where we could bike 50 miles in a day, no sweat, as some of my friends can do. That’ll take a while. 🙂

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