meeting neighbors, rough bedtime

OMG. Bedtime was rough tonight. Over an hour of screaming, crying, getting out of bed, pounding on the door. After about 45 minutes of that I was getting to my limit, so I pulled an old trick out of the bedtime bag and upped the dynamic level of my singing to above that of their crying. I wasn’t shout-singing, but it was loud. Every time Joanna peaked (at that point Emily was crying, but not with such vigor) I peaked higher. As she got quieter, I dropped too, staying just above her. It worked. In a few minutes she was mostly quiet. Then I stood next to her bed singing, picking her up whenever she cried, but putting her back down as soon as she was quiet, sometimes after only a second or two. In a few minutes I was finally able to leave the room and go back to mine, where Hazel had fallen asleep waiting for me. I carried her into their room, and then I came downstairs to feed the cats.

I’m not doing dishes tonight. I’m writing my blog and then going to bed. *phew*

Earlier, we had a rather lovely evening walk. I rambled over to the post box with all three kids to mail a letter. It took us a long time of looking at flowers, smelling lavender, sitting on steps, and generally enjoying the evening. And when we got there we spent some more time admiring the “Open” sign in the store window. Then I decided to go in and buy a birthday card. That was quick, since it also entailed a fair amount of, “No, don’t pick that up. No touching stuff in the store!”

Outside again, we met a couple of dogs and their owners, who happened to be a woman who lives not far from us and her mother, visiting from out-of-state. We had a fantastic long conversation while the kids petted the dogs, and they rambled back to our house with us. The daughter is a twin, and has an older brother. We talked about twins, kids, jobs, different parts of the country, giving birth, pets, etc. I had hoped that such a nice evening walk would have made the twins tired enough to just fall right asleep…


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