Not a morning person

I am not a morning person. Part of how that shows up for me is that it’s hard to interact with other people when I’ve first gotten up. My mom, a bright and cheery morning person, remembers this well from my childhood. I vastly prefer to be alone, or at least not talking to anyone for a while after I get up. With 3 small children, that is not an option.

And here enters music. Music doth indeed soothe my savage internal beast. Listening to tunes in the morning is fun for the kids (“Songs!” says Emily, happily) and helps me ease into the whole business of being with others. We listen to tunes on the iPod that’s set up on a speaker in the kitchen. I make and drink some tea, they color, and we all do better together.

This is good, since really I have four children. The last of them is furry and black and bites my feet whenever he’s wound up with too much pent-up energy or wants attention. Shortly I am going to buy a few squirtguns and start training him not to do that, because it drives me wild, especially in the morning. But with the human littles occupied with markers at the table, I can play with the cat-child while I drink my tea, and achieve some measure of morning peace.

And after I’ve had my tea I’m finally ready to eat, so I make food that’s breakfast for me and 2nd breakfast for the kids.


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