insomnia, family, summer fun, twins territorial claims, segmented movie-watching

It’s 3:26 am. That’s a time that can belong either to yesterday or today. I tend to think of 3 am as being very late night, but 4 am as being very early morning. So 3:26 could lean forward or back, depending on its proximity to my morning wake-up hour. When I find myself sufficiently awake around this time that I have to come downstairs and do something for a while before I go upstairs to try to get to sleep again, the length of time before I succeed in that effort becomes the determining factor. If I can find my way back to unconsciousness within an hour, 3:26 will have occurred during the late night of my day. If it takes me until 5 or 6 am, then there won’t be a long enough sleep to give me the feeling that I was awake yesterday. It will have just been an extended and unpleasantly early morning wake-up.

Here’s hoping for the former.

Today my sister came over with her daughter and her boyfriend’s kids whom we were meeting for the first time. We were joined by our cousin, who is in town for work. My nanny J arrived partway through the afternoon, and as we were milling about trying to get seated at a restaurant we ran into my cousin’s co-workers, who joined our party at a different restaurant. One of the co-workers did his best to convince various of the kids that he was Santa Claus, with only middling success. We have a questioning bunch.

The afternoon involved time at the park, where the kids dug a trench in one of the sandboxes, and time splashing around in the two kiddie pools I set up earlier in the day in our back yard. It was the perfect day for it, one of the Pacific Northwest’s glorious summer days of clear blue skies and pleasant heat.

Hazel had a piano lesson scheduled, but I cancelled it, not wanting to pull her away from fun with cousins and kids. I have never done that before, but my cousin C being here was such a rare occurrence, I wanted to make the most of it.

Tonight the kids were wound up, and it took a while for them to settle at bedtime. I nursed the twins, and Emily came off first. She pointed at my other breast and said, “Nana’s.” I laughed, and agreed. Then, after Joanna came off Emily said she wanted back on, and onto that side. So I swapped them and Emily settled in again pretty happily. Joanna, however, did not approve, and protested strongly, poking Emily and pulling her hair. And after Emily was done Joanna wanted back on, that same side. I found the whole thing hilarious, not having experienced them as being territorial with my body in that particular way before.

After we got the kids down, Ted and I watched the rest of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. It’s been fun watching movies together in the evenings. It’s not every night, and it’s never a complete movie. I used to think that way of watching movies would be too unsatisfying, but actually, it’s given us something to look forward to, as well as a chance to get better at deciding when to go to bed (we tend to stay up too late).

Now I want to go upstairs and give this sleep thing another try.


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