One of those days, part whatever

It was one of those days, the kind where you have to laugh, or at least sigh, so you won’t cry.

I had a bunch of lessons to teach today. That was fine in and of itself, but confirmed me in my decision to start working flexible weeks off into my annual schedule/budget, because after a long hard week I don’t really want to give up my weekend to work. This has happened after weeks during which I have a bunch of rehearsals, or weeks when one or more of us are sick, and it happened this past week when I went to the east coast for B’s funeral. The result is that it’s Sunday night and I am exhausted. I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming week.

The lessons got all spread out, too, so that I had a half an hour or 45 minutes between each one. Not enough time for good family interaction, and not enough time for a project. That meant that I was effectively working all day, right up until our parents’ meeting.

Our babysitter had a migraine and couldn’t come. That meant I’d be doing the meeting solo. We checked our calendar and remembered that we were supposed to host. Ted ran out for food. We removed piles of crap from our dining room table. Ted took the kids to the zoo. I got extra chairs and set up the front room.

Then it was 5 minutes after 4, and no one was there. I got a sinking feeling, and rechecked email.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.

A) We had scheduled a speaker for today. B) The location had been changed to our house and then changed back, and I got the email about the latter change two days before leaving for Boston, and it just didn’t penetrate my brain. C) Ted was gone with the car.


I got a Car2Go reserved. I called a group member to tell her I’d be late. I called and left a message for the speaker. I put a note on our door. I went to pick up the car. I realized I’d only taken my trip-wallet with me, which doesn’t have my membership card. I went home. I got my membership card. I went to pick up the car. I drove over to the meeting, but the car felt like it was going to die several times en route, losing power and only picking up when I stomped on the accelerator. I struggled with my conscience, knowing that calling the company would mean even more time in the car, and I was already really late. When I arrived, I called the company to let them know the car wasn’t feeling right, so that no one else would reserve it and then get stuck. I tried to end the trip. The link failed, and the car told me to find a different parking location. I growled, but did, another two times before the car checked in and I could end the trip and leave it.

By that time I was simultaneously seriously irritated and amused. I mean, at some point you have to give in to the whims of a universe with a seemingly sadistic sense of humor.

I was almost an hour late to the meeting.

Nonetheless, the speaker was good, providing very good information about infant brain development and activities to do with little babies. The people in the group are awesome. One of the couples gave me a lift home, during which we found out they’d gone to my sister’s alma mater and we had a fun conversation about colleges.

When I got home the kids were enjoying the kiddie pool and the cats were happily hanging out in the back yard.

Getting the kids down was easy peasy, so Ted and I are going to watch a movie and then go to bed early.

Tomorrow starts another week.


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