reconnecting with friends, diaper excitement, family time, alone time

My college group of friends, sometimes distanced by life and time and geography, is pulling together as a result of our feelings about the loss of one of our group. This morning my friend S met us for breakfast, and then we went for a walk in a nearby park. It was good to talk, to reconnect, and to affirm our shared desire not to let so much time go by between the times we see each other. We’ve had a lot on our plate the last couple of years with our twins and preschooler, but this last week has reminded us of the importance of our friendships, and of our desire to actively maintain them.

We worked our way to the far side of the park, and then Emily had a truly impressive diaper event, a warp-core breach, as Ted likes to call them. It was the worst I’d ever seen. Of course, we were due at my sister’s, but we had to go home and deal with the stroller (after instituting emergency cleaning procedures at the park). So, since the twins fell asleep on the way home, I dropped Ted off to put cleaner on the stroller and drove around for a bit to keep the twins napping.

Then we spent some time with my sister and niece, helping Hazel and her cousin work on communication with each other in their inevitable struggles for dominance. Then we met up with my sister’s friend for dinner, took turns walking the twins in between getting food into them.

It was supposed to be Ted’s night off, which I had forgotten until we got home. So he’s off having alone time, and we’ll add back the hour he missed tomorrow. In the meantime, I am relaxing in my bedroom, having gotten the twins down after a mere ten to fifteen visits to their bedroom to replace them in their beds and calm them down.

It is good to have some alone time to process this week’s events. It’s hard to do that while parenting. Not enough room in my noggin.


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