Rendering order, dental appointment & nail polish, DTAP shot, evening with friend

Today Ted and I moved the seemingly immovable piles of crap on our office desk. It is now clean. And not because we tipped the piles into our closet or hid them underneath the floor boards. Not even because we set fire to them in the back yard. We actually sorted, took action, put away, and appropriately dealt with the vast majority of the pileage. We have a lot more to do, as there are further piles that weren’t located on the desk itself. Nevertheless, we have taken another couple of steps down our own personal organizational yellow brick road toward the Emerald City of a clean, smoothly-functioning, beautiful home. Not that we’ll ever get there. The whole idea is simultaneously giggle- and eyeroll-inducing. Nonetheless, genuine improvement is possible.

This afternoon Hazel had a dental appointment, followed by the last shot in the DTAP series. At the dentist’s office, they were offering a 4th-Of-July celebratory toenail painting to be carried out during the teeth cleaning. I found this hilarious, and said yes, that Hazel could do it. So, she had her first ever nail-polish experience today. Her toes are now tipped with red, white and blue. At the end she asked if she could get her fingernails done too. I said no, that the toes were quite wonderful enough, and that it was a special thing she could enjoy. I think my favorite part was watching the dental assistant dot Hazel’s blue-hued nails with white, using a dental tool.

Hazel didn’t want to have the shot. She’s been fine with the previous ones, but this one she really protested, and I felt so bad for her as she clutched her arm and said, “No, I don’t want you to.” It’s one of those moments where I feel I have to say that I’m sorry, but she has to. I have to insist. But it’s not a pleasant feeling, overriding what she wants with her own body. I explained the best that I could, but of course that wasn’t enough to change her feeling. The PA is very good and quick with the shot. And now Hazel’s protected from Tetanus and Pertussis. But it wasn’t fun for anyone.

Tonight I got to have the evening off. I met my friend A for dinner and a movie. We haven’t done that in literally years, what with the presence of 3 children in my life and the very filled schedule I’ve had. It was lovely. We saw, “Obvious Child”, and had a long, personal, and thought-provoking conversation afterwards.

Tomorrow we have morning childcare, so perhaps Ted and I will clear the floor in the office, too. Miracles do happen, after all. That particular miracle will be more likely if I go to bed soon, however, and get some sleep. So, off I go.


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