missing friends, change, kids growing, Jasmine outside

My brain feels too sludgy to come up with anything to write. Last night it took me a long time to get to sleep, thinking about my college friend’s passing. I wish I could wave a magic wand and see all my friends, not all at once, but soon. I cherish every friendship, every connection, and there are times I feel the pain of separation more acutely. It’s a big country, and it’s been years since I’ve seen some of the people I love.

The WordPress UI has been changed. I resist and resent some sorts of change, and I wish it weren’t quite the constant as it is in the digital world. Why “fix” something that works perfectly well? Change for the sake of change is just stress-inducing, doesn’t seem useful. Ok, that’s my curmudgeonly rant for the day.

This afternoon Ted had the brilliant idea that we should put the kids’ cubby shelves in the entryway instead of the pink room/office, since that’s behind a gate to protect the cat litter and the twins from each other. The twins are definitely old enough now to get their own shoes, even if they need help putting them on. So, I did a bit of swapping things around, and the pink room is now looking better, and soon, after we get through the Everest-sized piles of C-R-A-P on the desk and the floor, will be quite respectable.

The kids grow and change at an astonishing rate, but at least that’s change in the interest of growth, so I can, more or less, deal with it.

Oops, that was a return to the rant.

I shall end by saying that Jasmine has taken to her GPS tracker, and is very, very happy to be going outside. She rolls in the dirt with glee and abandon. She also comes to the back door and meows to be let in. That makes me very happy.


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