Biking in the Madsen, letting the cat out, difficult developments

What a day! Ted and I decided that while Hazel was at summer school he and I would take the twins to a bike store and get helmets for them. While there, they discovered and played with a balance bike and a 16-inch bike. Emily is so ready to go! When she’s just a bit taller we’ll get her a balance bike of her own.

I rode the Madsen over to the store (we had a couple of helmets on them) slowly, on the sidewalk, while Ted fast-walked alongside the bike. Ted rode it home, with the twins in their new matching helmets (if they’re different there will be conflict over them). Then I went to pick Hazel up from school. She’s always smiling when I come get her, a good sign.

After nap Ted got out the Dremel and liberated my bike. Due partly to a miscommunication we had, I managed to break off a key in the lock on the bike (quite a while ago) and it’s been locked to our back stairway ever since. We loaded up all three kids and rode in caravan over to a new grocery store a bit under a mile and a half from our house. Emily took to the Madsen more quickly than Joanna did, but it didn’t take very long on the grocery store ride for Joanna to perk up. It helped that Hazel was sitting in the bucket with her sisters. Once there, we got some supplies for the week and I tucked them under the Madsen bench seats. We also bought the kids a bucket of pineapple for the ride home. They engulfed it before we’d even gone a quarter of the way. It’s hard to overstate how much they love pineapple!

This afternoon we did something else new: we put Jasmine’s new collar and tracker on, and let her out. She loved being outside. We’ll do the same for Pepper tomorrow. Today, seeing all of us including Jasmine out in the back yard, he practically meowed himself hoarse with indignation. But we wanted to introduce one cat at a time to the great outdoors.

When we came back from the store, we decided on the spur of the moment to barbecue. We invited our friends A and P over, and brought the bbq out front, where we put burgers, corn, and salmon on the grill. The kids got read to, Hazel got to ride way up high on A’s shoulders, and it was just lovely to share an impromptu meal.

The kids got down to sleep a full hour after their usual bedtime, but it was worth it. What a lovely day.


All of this stands in glaring contrast to various personal and political developments. A college friend is in the hospital, unresponsive with a very poor prognosis. I don’t even know what to say other than, “Oh, shit!” I am sad and scared. I hope that somehow she is able to pull through.

And then there’s the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, further solidifying the triumph of corporations over private citizens, further setting back women’s rights. The blows just keep on coming. I grieve for women and girls in general, and my daughters in particular. The country which they are going to inherit slides further into regression every day, it seems.


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