Photography, parent group, quartet rehearsal

It was a packed day! My brain feels full, with a lot to digest. It’s a good feeling, makes me look forward to going to bed so I can sleep on it all.

My friend L came over after lunch to help me prepare for a wedding I’m going to photograph for a friend later this summer. It was very productive. I now know more about what my camera can do, and am more comfortable with the concepts of ISO, and f-stop (aperture). Also, I am now acquainted with the +/- button on my camera, and have seen how small adjustments with it can help prevent a bright background from putting your subject into shadow, for example. We talked about various different wedding event scenarios from a photography point of view. I have a plan, and a lens I will most likely rent to make the photographing of the ceremony easier to accomplish. I am very grateful to L for her help! She is also a cello student of mine, and as she walked away after saying goodbye, she said, “And I know you’ll practice this month,” with a certain amount of understated glee in her tone.

Immediately following this session (at the end of which I took notes, because otherwise there was no way I was going to retain the info), we had our parenting group. There was a speaker for the second half of this one, who talked about various emotional/psychological adjustments we go through after having a child.

Half an hour after we got home from that meeting, I had a quartet rehearsal. We chose a Beethoven, Prokofiev, and Schubert quartet for the concert we’ll be doing this year. We still have one more to pick. It’s a good group with a strong, rich sound. I am very excited to have this to look forward to on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Hazel came down for 20 minutes or so to listen. She really does appear to love music. I am delighted to be able to share it with her. We had a short intermission for her to play her “Rodeo” piece from the Faber book.

Emily has started saying, “Honey,” copying me. It makes me smile every time. And Joanna said, “More milk!” several times this evening, the first time she’s strung two words together. I am so happy to have this week off with Ted and the kids. It’ll be great to be able to spend time all together for days in a row.


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