Jr & Sr Cello Recital, twins in t-shirts

Tonight was the recital given by two of my students, one of whom just graduated from high school, and one of whom just finished her junior year. A played the Prelude, Allemande, and Gigue from the G Major Bach Solo Cello Suite, and “Vocalise” by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Then A and K played a duet together, Number 10 from the set by Reinagle, after which K played the Prelude, 2 Bourees, and the Gigue from the C Major Bach Cello Solo Suite, followed by the “Concerto in A Minor, Op. 33” by Camille Saint-Saens.

It was a lovely, varied program, and both cellists did very well. K has really learned to play out, to dig in and do dynamics, make shapes, really feel the music in the past couple of years. She has matured as a musician as she has as a person. A has developed a nice vibrato, adding to the expressiveness of her playing, and has good intonation and feeling for what she plays. It has been such a pleasure teaching each of them.

I will miss K a lot. It’s a preview of what it will be like when my own kids leave home. One of the great things about teaching privately is that I get to develop a relationship with my students over years of instruction, seeing them most weeks out of the year, watching them grow and learn. It is a partnership in which I feel privileged to be a part. I’m glad I get to have A for another year before she too goes off on her next adventure. I couldn’t help it, when I was telling them both congratulations at the end I teared up. The second time in two days. Tomorrow will be the third day, I am sure, as it’s Hazel’s first piano recital. I am so lucky to have these wonderful girls in my life.

My friend J played piano, another pleasure. It makes me want to get together with her and break out all the sonatas I know, so we can play through them all. I so love the piano/cello combination. Here’s one of my all-time favorites, the Brahms Sonata in E minor for cello and piano.

Most of today was about preparing for the recital. I had to clean up the studio – the bonus of tonight is of course that now my space downstairs is much nicer. It’s always that way when we have people over. 🙂 I still have some sorting to do, but the piles that inhabited some of the floor of the studio are either gone or neatly placed on shelves, and the project feels much more doable now. Ted also put up a Roman blind in the doorway between the studio and the rest of the basement, a big improvement. We are making progress!

Hazel came down to hang out toward the end of our dress rehearsal. She brought me a cup of water, stayed to talk to my students, listened to the recital, brought flowers to K and A, and provided entertainment in between pieces. And during the reception she played her recital pieces that she’s going to perform tomorrow. She was only a year or so old when A started lessons with me. How fast children grow! That is a truism which keeps on being true!

This afternoon we got the college tee shirts out that my friend D got at reunion this year and sent for the kids, and put two of them on the twins. They immediately went wild, giggling and squealing, and running back and forth between rooms. It was hilarious. They are starting to play with each other more and more. I think their beautiful relationship is good for both of them. The shirts are really big on them, and so Emily said, “Dess! dess!” and grinned all over her face.

And now starts nine days off. I am looking forward to vacation, to having down time, partner time, and family time. Stay-cations are good things.


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